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Logbook Finance



Our Logbook Finance loan is a credit facility that aims at issuing cash against the logbook of our customer’s
motor vehicle. This solution is only available to individuals with a logbook for a motor vehicle registered in their
names. What makes our Logbook Finance product special, is the speed with which we process the loan i.e. 24
hours maximum plus; we let the customer keep and use the motor vehicle.


Who Qualifies?
Anyone with a steady and evident source of income, and has a car with its logbook registered in his or her name.
Documents Required;
2 passport photos
Personal bank statements for the last 6 months.
Pay slips for the last 3 months if salaried.
A copy of your employment contract or job ID.
Original Log book in the your names (Customer)
2 blank but signed motor vehicle ownership transfer forms.
Latest utility bill in Customer’s names as proof of residence.
Cheque leaves covering the loan term

We will carry out the following to ascertain and secure the value and ownership of the motor vehicle;
Search at URA for ownership, encumbrances and tax liabilities
Valuation of the vehicle using professionals
Place a caveat on the Log book in favor of Platinum Credit through URA.
Comprehensive insurance of the vehicle covering the loan term.