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We offer emergency loans to ail civil servants even when one already has a bank loan. This includes employees of Local Governments and Municipal councils, Ministries, Police, Prisons. Court of law, Public Universities and Referral hospitals. Our emergency loans are designed to ease our customer’s burden on School Fees, Medical Bills, Court Bonds, Auctioneers, Rent Arrears, Quick Business Deals, Leave Expense, Planting for farmers, Offsetting another loan etc. Better still, we allow you to settle the loan as and when you want to! We pay out approved loans in less than 24 hours. This enables the loan applicants to solve their urgent financial needs fast compared to the red tape, bureaucracy and unnecessary delays in payment elsewhere!

Repayments are made through deductions at source.


Who Qualifies?

* All civil servants in Uganda who are on permanent basis and are earning salary.


A recent passport photo

Mobile Money Registered Phone number.

Any Payslip from the last 3months

Salary Account Number (For Stanbic and Centenury put new and Old account numbers)

3 months Bank statement ending the day of loan application Appointment letter

Valid Employment ID For Police/Prisons Add;

Letter of undertaking from Employer National ID