Welcome to finance Financial Services.


Platinum Credit Limited was founded years ago with a vision to provide emergency loans to qualifying employed men and women in East Africa. It was first set up in Uganda in 2002 before opening in Kenya in 2003. The Tanzania office was set in 2006. The company has since grown to become the major regional player with over 650 employees serving more than 80,000 customers across East Africa. We operate under our motto; THERE WHEN YOU NEED US.

To achieve and maintain market share leadership in the provision of Emergency loans to qualifying employed men and women in Eastern Africa.
To be a respected world class micro finance organization driven by passionate and committed teams who deliver satisfaction to our customers.

Customer Care
At Platinum Credit (U) Ltd, we understand that many of our customers are under pressure and we have designed our customer service to help them cope with that.

Our first point of contact is normally a Sales Representative or the staff of one of our 30 branches country wide. But all branches are connected to a much bigger resource at our Head Office at Prime Plaza and to our Customer Care contact (0200300500) which can be reached during working hours.

Our Core Values

  • Innovation
    we are a learning organization, constantly looking for ways to improve. We embrace creativity, change and opportunity; deliver innovative solutions to the market place and will take informed, responsible risk.
  • Self- Responsibility
    every one of us is a leader. We take pride, set the right example and hold ourselves accountable for achieving our individual and collective goals. We take responsibility for our own success and setbacks. We celebrate success and see setbacks as an opportunity for growth.
  • Team Work
    Our success is dependent on the collective energy, expertise and intellect of our team members. We foster collaboration while maintaining individual accountability. We strive to create a work environment where team spirit enables motivated team members to flourish and succeed to their highest potential.
  • Trust
    we build trust by honouring our commitments to one another and by communicating actively and openly.